Express Mortgage

The Express Mortgage is an express loan for purchasing residential and commercial real estate.

Advantages of the Express Mortgage loan

  • Short processing time of loan application;
  • Loan amount — up to RUB 10,000,000;
  • Term of loan — up to 10 years;
  • Attractive interest rates;
  • No additional loan collateral except for the real estate acquired;
  • Fee-free loans;
  • Minimal set of documents;
  • An opportunity to purchase both residential and commercial real estate facilities;
  • No need to sign a separate security agreement;
  • Protection against fraud and confidence in the correct arrangement of a transaction: via the letter of credit settlement form — for small businesses (LLC) and individual entrepreneurs; via the bank's individual safe deposit box for private individuals and owners of small businesses;
  • Special conditions for recurring borrowers.