Sberbank of Russia Corporate & Investment Banking (Sberbank CIB) holds and continues to strengthen its leading positions on the Russian derivatives market.

Recently we have substantially expanded the range of products offered to our clients. The solutions offered by our team enable our clients to hedge currency and interest risks and risks of changes in the commodity prices, to optimise the structure and value of debt portfolios, and to manage the available liquidity with maximum efficiency.

Sberbank CIB’s derivative products are developed on a bilateral basis, taking into account the unique situation of each client.

The main derivative products offered by Sberbank CIB are:

  • Currency risk hedging:
    - Currency forwards and options
    - Structured option strategies
  • Interest risk hedging:
    - Interest swaps
    - Interest rate options and option strategies
  • Commodity price hedging:
    - Oil and oil products, metals, coal and agricultural goods price hedging
    - Forwards, swaps and structured option strategies
  • Debt finance structure and value optimization:
    - Synthetic financing in various currencies through swap transactions
    - Reduction of the current cost of debenture servicing (bi-currency loans, etc.)
  • Commodity price financing:
    - Liquidity management
    - Structured deposits with return depending on currency, interest rates, and commodity dynamics