Accident and illness insurance:

The Bank provides insurance policies for:

  • business owners;
  • individual entrepreneurs;
  • private individuals.

Insured risks:

  • Death as a result of an accident or illness;
  • Group 1 disability as a result of an accident or illness.

Benefits of drawing up an insurance policy in an office of the Bank:

  • issue of an insurance policy by a Bank division without applying to an insurance company;
  • the policy is issued based on the loan (pledge) documents;
  • the list of risks corresponding to real conditions of using the insured property.

How to insure yourself:

  • inform a Bank's employee that you wish to draw up a policy;
  • read the Insurance Rules/Conditions provided by loan inspectors and client managers;
  • choose an offer that suits you most from among those offered by partner insurance companies;
  • pay the insurance premium;
  • sign the insurance documents.

* The client's decision to draw up an insurance policy / an insurance agreement is voluntary and will not affect the Bank's decision to provide bank services to such client.