Car Lease

Sberbank leases motor cars, commercial and freight transport and special equipment. We offer two programmes to our clients: the 'Light' — minimises initial expenses for a property lease, and the 'Standard' — minimises monthly payments.

Commercial Transport Lease

Sberbank Leasing CJSC offers finance services to organisations and individual entrepreneurs for the purchase of commercial transport. Acquiring commercial transport vehicles with Sberbank Leasing will be a solid foundation for the development of your business and will allow you to replace or expand your company's vehicle fleet.

Freight Transport Lease

Sberbank Leasing CJSC leases freight vehicles of Russian and foreign manufacture. The programmes we offer are developed subject to the needs of small and medium businesses and individual entrepreneurs. For the convenience of our borrowers, we have reduced the list of documents required to apply for a lease to a minimum and have simplified the procedure for assessing the financial condition.

Special Equipment Lease

Sberbank Leasing CJSC leases agricultural, construction, road and other special-purpose equipment. Our specialists offer convenient leasing programmes for individual entrepreneurs and small and medium businesses.