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For owners and managers of businesses with any form of ownership and from any economic sector, Sberbank of Russia* and Sberbank Private Pension Fund offer a Corporate Pension Programme (CPP) that can be used as a modern and effective method of personnel management and cost reduction.

  • Increased profitability and productivity;
  • Reducing up to 50% of the costs on personnel motivation, through tax preferences
  • Reducing of the costs attracting and training qualified personnel;
  • Creating an effective mechanism for optimizing the personnel;
  • Social partnership between the employer and employees;
  • Loyalty of the workforce.
  • Private pension in an amount sufficient to maintain the customary living standard after retirement
  • An individual approach to each customer;
  • Development of a CPP that takes into account the interests and capabilities of the employer;
  • Following up your CPP for the entire duration of the contract;
  • Assigning a personal manager;
  • Advising on tax and pension laws.

* General Banking Licence issued by the Bank of Russia No. 1481 on August 11, 2015.


Sberbank's Private Pension Fund :