The Small Business Development Centres (SBDC) network is an absolutely new infrastructure format for micro and small business, implemented by Sberbank throughout the country. As of July 1, 2013, the Bank has over 140 operating SBDCs.

The main purpose of the Small Business Development Centres is to assist entrepreneurs in developing their personal skills and abilities, and in enhancing the efficiency of their business using the various instruments offered by Sberbank and its partners.

The Small Business Development Centre services are available to any entrepreneur all around the country, regardless of whether such entrepreneur is a customer of the Bank, and whether he or she is only starting a business or is the owner of a going concern.

Besides Sberbank’s financial services, entrepreneurs get additional services, designed to develop and enhance their business:

Consulting services by the Bank’s partners (non-commercial and commercial organisations)

  • Free consultations
  • Free seminars and training sessions
  • Small-business loans
  • Bank products and services.
  • Insurance, etc.

Small Business Development Centres will help you to:

  1. Improve the performance of your business by using educational tools (training) and modern technologies (SaaS solutions).
  2. Receive the required consultation and information support and find new business partners: – Consulting Services – Special Seminars – Round Tables, Entrepreneurs’ Club, etc.
  3. Use non-financial support provided to individual entrepreneurs and organisations (negotiation rooms for meetings of entrepreneurs with their counterparties, conference halls for holding extended meetings and, in prospect — work places in co-working centres, etc.).
  4. Receive comprehensive bank services subject to the specifics of your business.
  5. Enhance your financial literacy and learn more about the bank products and services for small business.
  6. Create favourable conditions for the sustainable growth of your business: enjoy the benefit of flexible tariff plans and special campaigns.