Business Environment is a special portal for communication, development and daily activities of business people, where you can find answers to your questions concerning the conduct of business, convenient services for work and the latest news.

Main Areas

School — Distance Business Education

School offers an individual training programme and a wide range of materials for distance learning. Famous Russian and foreign tutors and experts will tell you how to find an idea and open your own business, to submit reports in a timely manner or to take up a franchise.

Methods of distance training:

  • Video lectures
  • Webinars
  • Online tests

Market — Electronic Trading Platform

Market is a convenient trading platform for selling any goods. The new sales channel will help you to close transactions quickly and search for reliable partners.  Using the English version of the trading platform, you can deal with foreign companies.

With the trading platform you will be able to:

  • Search for goods, services and counterparties by set parameters
  • Arrange your own virtual shop window
  • Automatically create payment documents
  • Insure your transactions

Store — Online Applications and Services for Business

Store offers programmes and services for comprehensive online management of business processes. All offers are developed based on cloud solutions*, require no updates and fully meet security requirements and the requirements of Russian laws.

With Store services, you can quickly and easily:

  • Manage sales
  • Keep books and maintain inventory accounting
  • Keep a customer base
  • Receive consulting services from accounting and marketing companies

*Cloud applications are a business model of software sales and use, where the supplier develops and manages web applications, providing the customer with access to such software via the Internet.

Bank — Management of Bank Products

Bank provides financing of business at all stages of its development. Having online access to a wide range of Sberbank bank products, you can not only manage your company’s finance online, but also place online applications for loans, bank guarantees and letters of credit.

Bank services:

  • Loan products for small business
  • Cashservices
  • Personalmanagerservices
  • Franchiseselection
  • Consultation concerning the evaluation of business plans and lease operations
  • Magazine — Online Publication for Business People
  • Every day, the Business Environment online magazine features new information material concerning small business.

Magazine features:

  • Ideas — new business solutions and market segments
  • Practice — real experience of business people
  • Money — finance in small business
  • Power — government and business relations
  • Opinions — expert opinion of small business challenges
  • Club — social business network

Club — communication tool for business people. With the Questions and Answers service you will have answers to the most topical business questions, both from professional advisers and experts and from other portal visitors. A special rating system will help you find the best answer.